Hannah’s First Trip to the Beach

Sunday was meant to be a beautiful day according to the weatherman. So during the week it was decided that we could go up the coast and to the beach for the day and take Hannah on her first trip to touch the sand. *Note: It took me a couple of months to complete this post so it’s pretty old news now but I wanted it for my records*

Sunday morning I woke up all excited to go to the beach, I even jumped in the shower shaved my legs because those bad boys haven’t seen the day of light for over 6 months I reckon, so I was keen to present them in somewhat of an acceptable state.

It was only upon exiting the shower that I realized it was raining… I’m sorry WHHHHHAT? Yep, raining. This perfect day was not so perfect any more. I was instantly disappointed and when I get disappointed I get cranky pants. So they came on.

To make matters worse about an hour after we officially decided we wouldn’t make the trek up the coast, the sun came out. Oh thank you for the slap in the face sun, thank you.

Then that smart boyfriend of mine stepped in with “you know we could always just go down to the beach here?”… Oh errrrrrrrr. Sometimes I need to slap myself I’m so doey. I had forgotten we live a 3 minute drive to the beach. I know that sounds not so smart, but the beach isn’t all that nice in comparison to what I call “proper” beaches, however it has sand and water, so it’s still a beach!

What wonderful news. So off we tottled.  We had some fish n chips and the weather was beautiful. Hannah doesn’t mind the same so much, she wasn’t enjoying the glare of the sun much though, which is to be expected.

Here are a couple of favourite snaps of the day.







July Favourites 2016

It’s that time again where I share all the things I’ve been loving for the past month.

DSC_00091. Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation in 103 True Ivory, this has been my favourite go to foundation for months now, I can’t help but to go back to it. I’ve tried other products in between (the old cushion foundation still creeps me out) but I can’t help but continuing going back to it. The consistency is so nice and even and easy to apply, it lasts all day, which is something I struggle with. It doesn’t oxidize, something I struggle with even more and it’s a perfect colour match for me.

2. CoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous Concealer in Light Pale, this is such an under rated product! I never hear anything about it, the foundation yes (which I don’t find all that fantastic) but the concealer diddly squat. This doesn’t crease under my eyes (which is a major concealer problem for me) and it is also light enough that it adds that brightening that we all want. I have pasty skin and normally I can’t find shades light enough to lighten my pale skin. This is a massive winner in my books, I haven’t reached for another concealer in such a long time.

3.Face of Australia Translucent Loose Powder, I think every man and their dog has tried this one and I can understand why, I think the fact that it’s not a white translucent powder definitely helps prevent the white cast. It’s incredibly light weight and helps set my foundation and concealer perfectly.

DSC_00134. Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara – I received this one of those sampler packs you can get from Mecca when I was placing an order and I could either pay for shipping and get nothing or pay for this and get a few products, I chose to get the few products with free shipping. This had been hidden away in my “to get to later” pile as I had a bunch of mascara’s opened and didn’t want to dry this one up unnecessarily. I’m actually a little disappointed I hadn’t opened it prior to now.

5. OPI Nail Polish in the shade Suzi Takes the Wheel, I picked this up cheaply from Brands Now, it is a grey which I have been loving lately, but it has this awesome khaki tinge to it making it quite unique. I have tried to capture the true colour in the photo below.

OPI Suzi Takes The Wheel6. Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid in 05 Nude Flush – Finally a liquid lipstick I absolutely love, this feels amazing on the lips, it’s not ridiculously hard to apply (I’m a mass struggler), it doesn’t dry my lips out and the colour is so wearable. Seriously guys, go get her hands on this bad boy.

7. Rimmel Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner in East End Snob, I’m sure I’ve mentioned this one before, but also the perfect colour and it goes so well with the Vivid Matte Liquid as mentioned above, I use it to line the lips and it’s a perfect match. The two combined I never want to take off.

8. The good old Beauty Blender, I struggled so hard with purchasing this one, for so long I had put it off thinking it was so pricey for what it is, it is after all just a little sponge, but finding myself consistently re-purchasing cheaper ones because they would be ruined so quickly I decided to cave, and I’m glad I did. This product is worth the hype, I’ve had mine a while now and it sill perfectly applies my foundation and it’s not all manky. It doesn’t drink my foundation like so many of the others and leaves the application perfect. If you are struggling to decide if it’s worth the money, I highly recommend you take the plunge and splurge on it.

9. Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Tough as Taupe, the perfect base for my shadows, I use this as a primer, these days, while it is a little dry, I still find it quite easy to apply and the colour is a perfect base for my go to look of the moment. The Colour Tattoos in general have always been a favourite of mine.


10. To go on top of Tough as Taupe I have been loving my Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette, this has some of the more perfect cooler toned shades I have been enjoying lately, it’s been my go to palette.

11. Models Prefer Soft Touch Mineral Powder in Photo Ready – The perfect everyday highlighter I have nothing else to say other then you need to get this. You will thank me later.

12. Makeup Revolution Matte Blushes, I have a few of these and they are all amazing they are so long lasting and massively pigmented, so just make sure you go a little easy when applying. The price point of these are fantastic, I’m going to have to show you my Makeup Revolution goodies because they are seriously good and seriously cheap, even once shipped to Australia.


13. And finally there is my Yale Hoodie! Only the greatest most comfy hoodie there ever was. At the low price of $15 from Kmart, I suspect everyone will be rocking them shortly.

What have you been loving lately?

My First Milani Products

Milani Title

I was recently contacted by Milani, they had seen my Bellabox Unboxing from April last year and saw how disappointed I was with having received my first ever Milani product that was clearly not in my shade, despite having listed that I was light in my preferences with Bellabox the item was clearly for a darker skin tone. Milani advised this was a Bellabox issue and they can’t control what goes in which boxes. Hey, I’m cool with it all don’t get me wrong, I was just reviewing the box and this was an issue I came across.

Anywho… They contacted me asking if I would like to choose a couple of products from their site to give a try (no obligation to post about this, but I wanted to provide full disclosure that the products were free). I of course couldn’t help myself and decided that I had to give their Baked Blush Luminoso a go, how could I not after all the hype I have seen about this for ages now.

Milani One

This is a beautiful coral shade, more on the warm side with a very fine milled shimmer, but nothing crazy and glittery. The perfect amount in my opinion. I absolutely love this shade on my skin, the product goes on nicely, not to chalky and last well throughout the day. I have noticed that this shade seems to suit most skin tones. Such a little gem, I’m so glad I have added it to my collection.

Luminoso Swatch

The second product I chose was one of their Amore Matte Lip Cremes, I requested the shade 10 Adorable however they were out of stock at the time so they sent through 12 Loved instead.


These lip cremes are amazing on the lips, they are not drying at all, I actually put this on in the morning to test it out and completely forgot I had it on. It was only later when I looked in the mirror that I remembered I was wearing it. While it seems to last for hours when not eating or drinking, I did notice once I ate I had to re-apply it. This isn’t the end of the world to me, especially if it’s going to stay on nicely for the hours before and me not even notice on my lips.

Milani Swatch

I’m a bit disappointed with the shade colour, it’s a bit to warm toned for me, my partner even commented that he didn’t like the shade on me, so ya know, I have to take his opinion into consideration, I’m still really glad I got to try out the formula and I’m considering placing an order for some of the different shades. I best not forget to mention the smell of these, they are amazing, I’ve been trying (with help of my partner) to work out what exactly it smells like, I’m thinking it’s like a vanilla essence flavour.  Amazing whatever it is.

Have you ever tried to any Milani products? Can you recommend any to me?

Planning Obsession

I am a massive faze person, I’m not trying to kid myself but often what I do tend to do is jump from faze to faze, but then when I really enjoy something I always end up going back to it. Anyone else feeling me?

Some of you may remember this post from last year where I showed you how I organized using my Kikki.K Planner. After about six months of loving planning using this, the passion left and I put it into storage until a couple of months ago where the flame reignited.

This time around, I’m doing it a little different. Stickers, stickers and more stickers. Something I had never considered doing until I started watching Rachael Annear planning videos on her channel, and bam stickers were essential.

I found that the Etsy stores are definitely my favourite place to buy them from, you can buy individual pages or full packages. DSC00479This is a package I purchased from Made By Elissa on Etsy, I have purchased from a few other places as well. All with great quality.

I use the Kikki.K Large Planner which still works perfecting with the stickers made for the Erin Condren Life Planner, I actually feel I get a bit better value because there is not enough room on one spread to use all the stickers, I can actually get 2-3 weeks out of the one pack. Winning.

The thing is, the sticker buying from Etsy can start to add up, while it doesn’t seem very expensive to start with, when you add it all together it starts to get mighty pricey. So I did some research on the topic and decided that maybe I would give printing my own a go.

While I did make a few myself, I’m not very creative so I jumped onto Pinterest where I found a bunch of free templates to download and print out.

Flamingo Stickers

You can find the flamingo one here. All I needed was some sticker paper which I picked up at Office Works and my printer (which is a cheapy) and print away. The next thing that had to happen was cutting it, now this all takes a lot longer then pressing purchase on Etsy, however sometimes the shipping can take quite a while, so really the cutting process isn’t so bad.

Sticker Cuting

All you need to cut the stickers is a cutting mat, a cutter and a metal ruler. I originally used a plastic ruler and it just wasn’t good enough. It has to be metal. When cutting, don’t press all the way down, if you only partially press down you will not cut the bottom piece of paper, just the sticker layer, this is known as a kiss cut, that way it’s just like a normal sticker and you can just peel off the single sticker as required.

The only issue I have are round stickers, I clearly have to just use a pair of scissors for this one as I can’t kiss cut a round sticker, I’m just not that skilled.

Do you like to plan? What are your favourite stickers? Can you recommend any to me?




She Finally Arrived

On June 23rd 2016 at 10.24am we welcomed to the world our little bundle of Joy Miss Hannah Chloe weighing in at 3.79kg (8.1 pounds) and measuring 54cm, clearly taking after her daddy in the long legs department, lucky kid.

At 32 weeks it was confirmed she was breeched, but you know, there was still time as everyone kept telling me. The thing is, she never turned. At 37 weeks they decided it was time to book in for a Caesar. This isn’t the way I thought things would turn out, but it is what it is and I only wanted what was best and healthiest for bub, if that meant Caesar over natural, that’s what I would do.

At 39 weeks and 1 day, she still hadn’t turned (we were told it was very unlikely she would turn) so out she came.

Off to a rocky start with fluid in her lungs, struggling to breathe off she went to special care, it was all good though, within the hour she came good, however she did have to stay in special care for another 24 hours as she needed to be on antibiotics as a precaution.

After three days in hospital it was well and truly time for me to leave, I don’t know about you, but having to stay in the room with two other people with babies was a bit full on. Sleep deprived not just from my own baby, but from the others, or the incredibly loud speaking on the phone, not to mention the facetime that needed to happen. I swear I could tell you the two other people’s full story. So loud, just so loud.

We’ve been home for a week and one day now, it’s a bit of an odd feeling, I’m very grateful of the fact that bf has past experience with babies as I would be lost without him. I feel like such a gumby in comparison.

I’m sure things will get better with practice.

Expect some more baby posts soon, I have a new little obsession.

IMG_9764 IMG_9772 IMG_9791 IMG_9794 IMG_9803 IMG_9853 IMG_9855



A Few New Things #1

A Few New Things Title Photo

It’s been so long since I’ve written about, or recorded a video showing things I’ve purchased recently that I have quite the collection to share. Instead of doing it all at once I figured I would just go through them slowly, I wouldn’t want to overwhelm anyone, myself included.

elf Prism Eyeshadow

First up we have the e.l.f. Prism Eyeshadow palette in Naked. This bad boy is hard to come by let me tell you. I have heard this palette being raved about so much for so long but whenever I went onto iHerb.com  it was always sold out. Obviously, it was never in Kmart, probably was never released in Australia. I ended up having to set it up to notify me when it was back in stock on iherb, but that’s cool because it came back into stock immediately. It only cost me $14 at that stage, though looking today it’s only $10!

elf Prism Eyeshadow Swatches

It’s a tiny six colour palette, they are all silky, creamy shadows, but no mattes, so when I’m using this one I always have another palette on hand to use in conjunction with these. While swatching I did notice the lighter shades were a little chalky, but not to the point that it irritated me, still totally usable. I haven’t done this, but I have heard if you use wet they look absolutely stunning. I will have to give this a go next time.

Rimmel Kate Contour Palette

Something that has recently exploded on the beauty wagon is the Rimmel London Kate Sculpting palette in the shade 002 Coral Glow I originally thought this might not be a shade I can wear in terms of the bronzer being too dark for my pale skin.  The more I looked around at reviews on it, the more I realized how many people with different skin tones were loving the same palette. That was me sold, and there be not regrets let me tell you. The bronzer is the perfect shade for my skin, the blush is such a beautiful coral tone and the highlighter just leaves a lovely glow apposed to a disco ball of glitter. Needless to say, if you can get your hands on it, I highly recommend you snatch it up.

Soft Touch Cushion and Naomi

I had to give this weird sponge foundation looking thing a go, you know the L’Oreal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation, I’m not going to lie, I’ve had it for a while now and I still can’t bring myself to use it. I don’t know why, but the sponge kinda creeps me out. Everyone’s talking about it so it must be half decent… But the sponge….

Then there’s the Models Prefer Mineral Powder Soft Touch in Photo Ready, I picked this up during the Priceline 40% off sale, I use this as a soft highlight practically every day I go to work. This particular shade has a slight pink tone to it, which I personally really think it suits my skin tone. Totally loving it.

So after my boyfriend expressing interest in me wearing coral lips (very usual for him, but hey I just went with it) I’m usually all about reasonably mauve, nude lips, nothing to daring and he is usually in agreeance so when he said he liked that lipstick – I think I was watching Crystal Conte’s Vlog at the time I was like well hey, I better do what the kid says and buy me a new lipstick. Any excuse right.  So I found the L’Oreal Color Riche Collection and chose the shade Naomi’s Delicate Rose. I thought perfect. Then when I got home and put it on I realized it’s very sheer and not quite coral enough for his or my liking. However, I still really like the colour, I find it a little drying though, but still totally wearable.

LOreal Naomi's Delicate Rose

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts? Can you think of an awesome coral shade lipstick I should give a go?

Pregnancy Files – Week 35

Once again I went MIA, but ya know, these things happens and I’m sure you don’ really mind.

I thought I would give you and update on life carrying this little bun in the oven.

31 Weeks 2

32 Weeks

It’s been around 13 weeks since I last updated you on things. In that time, we’ve found out it is a little girl, which I’m so excited about, with bf already having two boys, adding a little girl to the family just makes it that little bit more special.

I have grown. Boy have I grown. Nothing fits, like nothing. I’m usually a six 6 shoe, but not any more. None of my shoes fit. I have stolen on of the boys size 7.5 (In womens) vans to wear to work. Otherwise I have this one pair of sandals that my feet spill over by the afternoon. I live the kank life these days.

Life is uncomfortable, sleeping is pretty much non-existent, word on the street is that’s your body getting used to not having any sleep once bub arrives. I personally think it’s pretty damn cruel, let me sleep while I can!

I’m still working a 40 hour week, which isn’t so bad. In a way it’s not so bad, it’s making the time go quickly, but admittedly I could probably use a few less hours a week, more so I can rest up a little more so I’m not constantly tired.

Bub is kicking around like crazy, this is probably my favourite part of pregnancy. She is currently in the breech position so I can feel her little head just under  my ribs. It’s a nice feeling to hold my hand on her head as she wriggles it around. I have heard some people finding movement a little annoying, I think it’s amazing. She has two weeks to turn herself around. Turn baby turn.

The nursery is done, we have a pram, there’s a car seat already set up in my car. I’m ready to meet her so badly.

35 Weeks

35 Weeks

Enjoying a nice cup of water at Pipel’s Beer, Food & Wine Festival last weekend.


Lip Monthly March 2016

Lip Monthly First Pic

The March Lip Monthly bag had ups and downs as I feel all subscription boxes/bags like this tend to do. Hey it’s gonna be hard to please everyone with everything all of the time isn’t it?

Cargo BlushBronzer

First up in the bag was this Cargo Blush/Bronzer duo, valued at $10 USD at first glance I thought how hard it was going to be to get the products out of the pan as it was so small. I still wonder just how I would do it… After giving it a good old swatch-a-roo I found the pink blush colour to be lacking in pigmentation, this took quite a few attempts to bring up the colour you see below.

Side note: Please ignore the burn on my arm, the curling iron won that battle.

After giving the bronzer a go, I think it’s safe to say this is going to be way too dark/warm toned for me, however there definitely is a lot of pigmentation going on. This is not a matte bronzer, it is lovely and glowy. I think I’ll be passing this one on to someone who isn’t quite as pasty as I am.

Swatch BlushBronzer

The next little number I picked out was this Camilla Lipstick valued at $14 USD, in the shade “44”. My initial thoughts were “how cute is the packaging” so very Mac like… Then I opened it and POW I was greeted with this bright pink/ fuchsia  colour. It definitely has some purple going on in there. This photo just doesn’t do it justice. While I can see a lot of people loving the colour, and I do, it’s just not one that I can see myself wearing. It’s just too loud for me. Though I totally wish I could rock it. The formula seems smooth to apply and doesn’t seem to drying.

Camilla Lipsticks

I was pretty surprised when I pulled out another Camilla product that I could also see said it was “44”. Then the bells started going off in my head, the light bulb turned on and it all came together. They sent a matching lip gloss. What a great idea. I was totally chuffed with the idea. I love ,love, love the colour of the gloss, the application, the pigmentation. This one I can see myself wearing as it’s not quite as loud as the lipstick. Also valued at $14 USD this would be my favourite product in the bag.

Camilla Lip Swatches

The fourth and final product for this month was this Ecolips Tinted Balm  valued at $4.49 USD. I’m a blistex girl, who if you have been following me long enough you would know. Never, ever have I found something that I feel trumps the good old blistex. Due to this, I feel like getting lip balms in packages like this is a waste, but this is just me and my weirdness.

Eco Lips

This particular one has a  tint to it, the tint to me appears brown. Brown isn’t really something I want on my lips. Each to their own, but to me, no thank you. The smell is an interesting one, it’s not bad, it’s not great. The flavour is Sugar Plum and that’s exactly what it smells like. Hard to imagine, but if you could smell it you would understand. For me, this one is going in the giveaway pile.

Eco Lips Swatch

Are you subscribed to Lip Monthly?

What are your thoughts?

If you are interested in subscribing I have an affiliate link that you can join through: https://lipmonthly.com//referral/GTf3Ou6V8zUF


I Turned 30

If you recall back here when I told you I disappeared, I mentioned I turned 30, which was back in January now, but as always I’m behind the times in terms of posting.

BF was nice enough to take me (and the kids) away for the weekend. I wanted to go to the coast, preferably the Gold Coast, but I didn’t’ want to stay at Surfers Paradise as I’m not about that life, so bf decided on Kirra, we stayed at the Kirra Surf Apartments, I hadn’t looked up what the place was like but bf said to me on the way down that it was pretty daggy. I was so disappointed, turns out he had me fooled.

Not only was it beautiful, he had managed the talk them into giving us an upgrade to a rooftop apartment, which meant the kids kinda had a ball running up and down the steps in our apartment, where they would get their thrills out of having our own private rooftop.

Kirra Collage

I feel it’s necessary I tell you: The weather was horrendous. Anyone who lives in Brisbane may remember the huge storms they were predicting (But they didn’t turn out to be as bad as they said) at the end of January, yeah it was that weekend. Given I’m not really in the right state of mind to lay on the beach… I’m afraid someone may have thought I was a beached whale and tried to throw me back in the ocean… I didn’t really mind too badly about the weather. We still managed to get some good pool time in.

The bed, I need to mention the bed. I don’t know about you, but when I go anywhere but home, I can never sleep completely right because the pillows and bed are just weird. This was the best two nights sleep I have had since being pregnant. Omg. It was amazing. I didn’t want to get out of bed. Which was fine, it was my birthday after all… And I had a lovely view of the ocean from bed so why would I?

While it wasn’t exactly how I pictured my 30th birthday because I thought I would be able to have a ball getting drunk and not remember the night, I kid, I kid… It was so nice to make the most of the occasion and head away for the weekend.

Have you ever stayed there?

Where’s your favourite weekend escape?

So I Disappeared

After nine months of constant blogging and vlogging, one day I just up and disappeared from my little part of the internet.

It wasn’t because I was bored or just over it.

There were so many things going on in my life that meant this all took a backseat.

So what’s happened over the last 4.5 months you say?

Well I might as well start at the beginning and most biggest, exciting news there is.

I’m pregnant. 22 weeks at the moment to be precise.

But this here, is me at 18 weeks.

Photo 28-01-2016, 7 10 31 PM

Which is the best thing to have ever happened to me. After what felt like a lifetime, I finally fell pregnant with my bf and it’s obviously the most exciting thing ever.

We found out the exciting news two days after signing a lease on a new house, which was a blessing and a a curse all in one. We never could have raised a baby in the house we were in because it was a crappy, tiny, two bedroom house and with the two boys there every second weekend, we wouldn’t have had anything even remotely like a nursery to set up. Now we have still a tiny little house, but at least it has three bedrooms, and a hallway… A hallway!

The curse side of things – moving, I hate moving at the best of times, but moving during the first trimester where all I wanted to do was sleep, and when I wasn’t sleeping I was throwing my guts up or trying hard not to, wasn’t my idea of fun. If I was being honest, the last of the boxes only got finished unpacking a couple of weeks ago. Laziness has become a real pain in my backside.

Other then the baby and the move, there’s been a couple of other events I missed out on sharing with you, I started a new job, which I hated with a passion, but then I was lucky enough to get asked to go back to my old work (in a new better position) with people I really enjoyed working with and for, so of course I went back.

I turned 30! We went away as a family (boys in tow) to Kirra for the weekend, it was the worse weather with storms, but it still turned out to be such a great weekend, so very relaxing which is just what I wanted. I might do a more in depth post on that shortly.

So for now, I’m back, at least for this post. I’m hoping the motivation sticks around, I have missed my place.


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