7 2April was only second month of subscribing to Bellabox and I was pretty impressed with what I received in the box, when it eventually got to me because it seemed like it was so late. I was watching unboxings on YouTube over a week before I received mine. So that kinda sucks because I definitely felt like I was last on the list to get posted. Wah face.

Anywho, I feel I should just let you know you can have a looksie loo at my unboxing video if you would prefer to do that instead of reading all about it, if not feel free to keep reading…

The theme for April was “Mindful Beauty” which was clearly demonstrated through skin care and other such things  instead of just receiving make-up, which I am happy about because I love trying new things like this.

1. SUKIN Facial Treatment Oil: I have never used an oil on my face before, but I’m really enjoying trying this out. It says to apply it twice a day, but for now I have just been applying it after my showers before bed of a night. I don’t feel like I have used enough of it to know if it’s actually doing anything.  This was a sample size of 15ml, a 25ml full size of the product retails for $19.95.


2. Milani Cosmetics: From this range I received the Cream to Powder in the colour 04 Cocoa Mocha. I was really excited to receive something from Milani as I have never tried anything from their range before, however this shade is clearly to dark for me so I was somewhat disappointed at that as I do have my shade as light on my Bellabox profile. All the card says for this one is that Milani Cosmetics retail from $6.95 so I have no idea how much this product is… The good thing is that I’m assuming by it’s size that it is a full size product. I am going to try make this work as a bronzer during summer when I am not quite so albino.

53. Nivea Lip Butter: I received the flavour Vanilla & Macadamia, to me also exciting as I love the caramel one, this one is equally as delicious. This is a full size product and it retarils for $5.19.


4. Pure Therapy Gentle Soap Free Body Cleaner: This I haven’t tried yet, but I’m interested to see how it goes. I have the perfect skin to test this on as I suffer from eczema on my neck and it easily gets set off by soaps, even shampoo and conditioner when it goes on my neck can set it off, so very intrigued how this one will go. This is a 60ml sample size a full size is 200ml and retails for $11.95. During the month of May you can get 40% off the whole Pure Therapy range at puretherapycare.com  using the code BELLAPT40 at checkout. Pretty good saving me thinks!


5. Wotnot Facial Wipes: These are natural organic facial wipes, I know a lot of people complain about getting facial wipes in their subscription boxes, but I feel they are something I use a lot (usually to get make up off my hands or things I make a mistake on in the mornings when I am putting my make up on) so I have no issues getting them. This pack contains five wipes, a full size has 25 wipes in it and retails for $8.40.

7 Bonus product this month was the Original Source Shower sample sachet… I haven’t got too much to say abut this one as I haven’t used it yet.6

Do you subscribe?

What did you get this month?