If you recall back here when I told you I disappeared, I mentioned I turned 30, which was back in January now, but as always I’m behind the times in terms of posting.

BF was nice enough to take me (and the kids) away for the weekend. I wanted to go to the coast, preferably the Gold Coast, but I didn’t’ want to stay at Surfers Paradise as I’m not about that life, so bf decided on Kirra, we stayed at the Kirra Surf Apartments, I hadn’t looked up what the place was like but bf said to me on the way down that it was pretty daggy. I was so disappointed, turns out he had me fooled.

Not only was it beautiful, he had managed the talk them into giving us an upgrade to a rooftop apartment, which meant the kids kinda had a ball running up and down the steps in our apartment, where they would get their thrills out of having our own private rooftop.

Kirra Collage

I feel it’s necessary I tell you: The weather was horrendous. Anyone who lives in Brisbane may remember the huge storms they were predicting (But they didn’t turn out to be as bad as they said) at the end of January, yeah it was that weekend. Given I’m not really in the right state of mind to lay on the beach… I’m afraid someone may have thought I was a beached whale and tried to throw me back in the ocean… I didn’t really mind too badly about the weather. We still managed to get some good pool time in.

The bed, I need to mention the bed. I don’t know about you, but when I go anywhere but home, I can never sleep completely right because the pillows and bed are just weird. This was the best two nights sleep I have had since being pregnant. Omg. It was amazing. I didn’t want to get out of bed. Which was fine, it was my birthday after all… And I had a lovely view of the ocean from bed so why would I?

While it wasn’t exactly how I pictured my 30th birthday because I thought I would be able to have a ball getting drunk and not remember the night, I kid, I kid… It was so nice to make the most of the occasion and head away for the weekend.

Have you ever stayed there?

Where’s your favourite weekend escape?