Once again I went MIA, but ya know, these things happens and I’m sure you don’ really mind.

I thought I would give you and update on life carrying this little bun in the oven.

31 Weeks 2

32 Weeks

It’s been around 13 weeks since I last updated you on things. In that time, we’ve found out it is a little girl, which I’m so excited about, with bf already having two boys, adding a little girl to the family just makes it that little bit more special.

I have grown. Boy have I grown. Nothing fits, like nothing. I’m usually a six 6 shoe, but not any more. None of my shoes fit. I have stolen on of the boys size 7.5 (In womens) vans to wear to work. Otherwise I have this one pair of sandals that my feet spill over by the afternoon. I live the kank life these days.

Life is uncomfortable, sleeping is pretty much non-existent, word on the street is that’s your body getting used to not having any sleep once bub arrives. I personally think it’s pretty damn cruel, let me sleep while I can!

I’m still working a 40 hour week, which isn’t so bad. In a way it’s not so bad, it’s making the time go quickly, but admittedly I could probably use a few less hours a week, more so I can rest up a little more so I’m not constantly tired.

Bub is kicking around like crazy, this is probably my favourite part of pregnancy. She is currently in the breech position so I can feel her little head just under  my ribs. It’s a nice feeling to hold my hand on her head as she wriggles it around. I have heard some people finding movement a little annoying, I think it’s amazing. She has two weeks to turn herself around. Turn baby turn.

The nursery is done, we have a pram, there’s a car seat already set up in my car. I’m ready to meet her so badly.

35 Weeks

35 Weeks

Enjoying a nice cup of water at Pipel’s Beer, Food & Wine Festival last weekend.