I am a massive faze person, I’m not trying to kid myself but often what I do tend to do is jump from faze to faze, but then when I really enjoy something I always end up going back to it. Anyone else feeling me?

Some of you may remember this post from last year where I showed you how I organized using my Kikki.K Planner. After about six months of loving planning using this, the passion left and I put it into storage until a couple of months ago where the flame reignited.

This time around, I’m doing it a little different. Stickers, stickers and more stickers. Something I had never considered doing until I started watching Rachael Annear planning videos on her channel, and bam stickers were essential.

I found that the Etsy stores are definitely my favourite place to buy them from, you can buy individual pages or full packages. DSC00479This is a package I purchased from Made By Elissa on Etsy, I have purchased from a few other places as well. All with great quality.

I use the Kikki.K Large Planner which still works perfecting with the stickers made for the Erin Condren Life Planner, I actually feel I get a bit better value because there is not enough room on one spread to use all the stickers, I can actually get 2-3 weeks out of the one pack. Winning.

The thing is, the sticker buying from Etsy can start to add up, while it doesn’t seem very expensive to start with, when you add it all together it starts to get mighty pricey. So I did some research on the topic and decided that maybe I would give printing my own a go.

While I did make a few myself, I’m not very creative so I jumped onto Pinterest where I found a bunch of free templates to download and print out.

Flamingo Stickers

You can find the flamingo one here. All I needed was some sticker paper which I picked up at Office Works and my printer (which is a cheapy) and print away. The next thing that had to happen was cutting it, now this all takes a lot longer then pressing purchase on Etsy, however sometimes the shipping can take quite a while, so really the cutting process isn’t so bad.

Sticker Cuting

All you need to cut the stickers is a cutting mat, a cutter and a metal ruler. I originally used a plastic ruler and it just wasn’t good enough. It has to be metal. When cutting, don’t press all the way down, if you only partially press down you will not cut the bottom piece of paper, just the sticker layer, this is known as a kiss cut, that way it’s just like a normal sticker and you can just peel off the single sticker as required.

The only issue I have are round stickers, I clearly have to just use a pair of scissors for this one as I can’t kiss cut a round sticker, I’m just not that skilled.

Do you like to plan? What are your favourite stickers? Can you recommend any to me?