On June 23rd 2016 at 10.24am we welcomed to the world our little bundle of Joy Miss Hannah Chloe weighing in at 3.79kg (8.1 pounds) and measuring 54cm, clearly taking after her daddy in the long legs department, lucky kid.

At 32 weeks it was confirmed she was breeched, but you know, there was still time as everyone kept telling me. The thing is, she never turned. At 37 weeks they decided it was time to book in for a Caesar. This isn’t the way I thought things would turn out, but it is what it is and I only wanted what was best and healthiest for bub, if that meant Caesar over natural, that’s what I would do.

At 39 weeks and 1 day, she still hadn’t turned (we were told it was very unlikely she would turn) so out she came.

Off to a rocky start with fluid in her lungs, struggling to breathe off she went to special care, it was all good though, within the hour she came good, however she did have to stay in special care for another 24 hours as she needed to be on antibiotics as a precaution.

After three days in hospital it was well and truly time for me to leave, I don’t know about you, but having to stay in the room with two other people with babies was a bit full on. Sleep deprived not just from my own baby, but from the others, or the incredibly loud speaking on the phone, not to mention the facetime that needed to happen. I swear I could tell you the two other people’s full story. So loud, just so loud.

We’ve been home for a week and one day now, it’s a bit of an odd feeling, I’m very grateful of the fact that bf has past experience with babies as I would be lost without him. I feel like such a gumby in comparison.

I’m sure things will get better with practice.

Expect some more baby posts soon, I have a new little obsession.

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