Milani Title

I was recently contacted by Milani, they had seen my Bellabox Unboxing from April last year and saw how disappointed I was with having received my first ever Milani product that was clearly not in my shade, despite having listed that I was light in my preferences with Bellabox the item was clearly for a darker skin tone. Milani advised this was a Bellabox issue and they can’t control what goes in which boxes. Hey, I’m cool with it all don’t get me wrong, I was just reviewing the box and this was an issue I came across.

Anywho… They contacted me asking if I would like to choose a couple of products from their site to give a try (no obligation to post about this, but I wanted to provide full disclosure that the products were free). I of course couldn’t help myself and decided that I had to give their Baked Blush Luminoso a go, how could I not after all the hype I have seen about this for ages now.

Milani One

This is a beautiful coral shade, more on the warm side with a very fine milled shimmer, but nothing crazy and glittery. The perfect amount in my opinion. I absolutely love this shade on my skin, the product goes on nicely, not to chalky and last well throughout the day. I have noticed that this shade seems to suit most skin tones. Such a little gem, I’m so glad I have added it to my collection.

Luminoso Swatch

The second product I chose was one of their Amore Matte Lip Cremes, I requested the shade 10 Adorable however they were out of stock at the time so they sent through 12 Loved instead.


These lip cremes are amazing on the lips, they are not drying at all, I actually put this on in the morning to test it out and completely forgot I had it on. It was only later when I looked in the mirror that I remembered I was wearing it. While it seems to last for hours when not eating or drinking, I did notice once I ate I had to re-apply it. This isn’t the end of the world to me, especially if it’s going to stay on nicely for the hours before and me not even notice on my lips.

Milani Swatch

I’m a bit disappointed with the shade colour, it’s a bit to warm toned for me, my partner even commented that he didn’t like the shade on me, so ya know, I have to take his opinion into consideration, I’m still really glad I got to try out the formula and I’m considering placing an order for some of the different shades. I best not forget to mention the smell of these, they are amazing, I’ve been trying (with help of my partner) to work out what exactly it smells like, I’m thinking it’s like a vanilla essence flavour.  Amazing whatever it is.

Have you ever tried to any Milani products? Can you recommend any to me?