Sunday was meant to be a beautiful day according to the weatherman. So during the week it was decided that we could go up the coast and to the beach for the day and take Hannah on her first trip to touch the sand. *Note: It took me a couple of months to complete this post so it’s pretty old news now but I wanted it for my records*

Sunday morning I woke up all excited to go to the beach, I even jumped in the shower shaved my legs because those bad boys haven’t seen the day of light for over 6 months I reckon, so I was keen to present them in somewhat of an acceptable state.

It was only upon exiting the shower that I realized it was raining… I’m sorry WHHHHHAT? Yep, raining. This perfect day was not so perfect any more. I was instantly disappointed and when I get disappointed I get cranky pants. So they came on.

To make matters worse about an hour after we officially decided we wouldn’t make the trek up the coast, the sun came out. Oh thank you for the slap in the face sun, thank you.

Then that smart boyfriend of mine stepped in with “you know we could always just go down to the beach here?”… Oh errrrrrrrr. Sometimes I need to slap myself I’m so doey. I had forgotten we live a 3 minute drive to the beach. I know that sounds not so smart, but the beach isn’t all that nice in comparison to what I call “proper” beaches, however it has sand and water, so it’s still a beach!

What wonderful news. So off we tottled.  We had some fish n chips and the weather was beautiful. Hannah doesn’t mind the same so much, she wasn’t enjoying the glare of the sun much though, which is to be expected.

Here are a couple of favourite snaps of the day.