Photo 9-11-2014 5 04 36 pm


So here I am, Elle, in all my glory. There there is a photo of me freshly woken up with my fur baby Nelly.

I believe that people need to be able to laugh at themselves in order to truly enjoy life.

So I guess that’s why I’m happy enough to put a photo like that up on the internet for the world to see.

Blogging is an escape for me, one that I sometimes need. Not really from the world, but from my own head.

It gives me somewhere to express myself, work on my skills in writing, photography and web designing.

I’m not an expert at any of those, far from it. But I enjoy giving it a good go, and that’s what’s important.

You would probably have realized by now that I am pretty obsessed by my boyfriend, my dog Nelly and my new bundle of joy Hannah.

I love painted finger nails, and believe toe nails should never be naked. Seriously, lets try and make feet look half ok, they are the ugliest thing on a persons body after all.

Expect a lot more posts with the two of them mentioned, apologies in advance if you don’t like that, but I am who I am.